Mi Casa Latin Bistro and Steakhouse Restaurant


Our Story

My love for cooking began in the 90’s in New York City. It was there working with many kitchens and experienced chefs my life changed…

My passion for food came in 1990 working for China Grill American Restaurant with Chef Jose Luis Flores, who taught how to make desserts. From there my career took off. Chef Luis and I decided to team up and join with Patria Restaurant, where I would later meet my mentor. I worked side-by-side with chef Doug-Las Rodruigiez and Chef Andreu Dicataldo who taught me everything I know today.


Our Experience

In 2001 I cooked for Mi Tierra restaurant in New Jersey with Executive Chef and lifelong friend, Eduardo Iglesias.

He opened a café called Patria Lounge, where I became his executive chef. Since then, I’ve worked in several kitchens in New York City, assisting restaurants and teaching young chefs. I’ve cooked in several pristine restaurants in New York City, such as Carmen Steakhouse, Alma De Cuba, Hierba Buena, and Olma Restaurant and Bar.
In the midst of the Corona Pandemic, I decided to follow my dreams and open my own restaurant, Mi Casa Latin Bistro and Steakhouse. We strive for absolute perfection and guarantee customer satisfaction. Here at Mi Casa,  we consider our customers family and treat them as such. Your dining experience should be nothing more than superb and with delicious food and a warming atmosphere.